Overview of Shanghai IP Protective System

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Overview of Shanghai IP Protective System
Strict protection is about building a more complete system, formulating policies and regulations with higher standards, and making infringers pay a heavy price. Shanghai is actively promoting comprehensive local legislation on intellectual property (IP). The "Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on the Protection of Intellectual Property" has been listed as a formal item in the 2020 legislative work plan of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress. Shanghai has launched the compilation of the strategic outline for a strong IP city by 2035, and formulated normative documents such as "Opinions of Shanghai Municipality on Intellectual Property Protection in the Field of E-commerce". In the field of IP administrative law enforcement, Shanghai has made great efforts to crack down on IP infringement and the manufacture and sales of counterfeit and shoddy goods, and has carried out joint anti-counterfeiting work across departments, fields and regions.
Extensive protection is about creating more diversified protection channels, improving coordination mechanisms in administrative law enforcement, judicial protection, arbitration and mediation, industry self-discipline and other links, and allowing all parties participate in the joint governance of IP protection. Multiple departments should work together to crack down on all kinds of illegal and criminal activities that infringe IP.
Fast protection is about forming a more efficient linkage mechanism and optimizing the connections between authorization, right confirmation and rights protection; optimizing cross-department and cross-regional cooperation to make rights protection convenient and fast. This year, Shanghai plans to comprehensively upgrade the service level of the China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center, accelerate the construction of the China (Shanghai) Intellectual Property Protection Center, gather various resources, and provide "one-stop" services for key industries in terms of fast review, fast confirmation of rights and fast safeguarding of rights.
Equal protection is about giving equal protection to the IP of domestic and foreign enterprises, State-owned and private enterprises, large and small enterprises, enterprises and individuals. The Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration (SIPA) keeps the channels of foreign cooperation and exchange open. Every year, together with the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, SIPA holds briefings on IP work, and explains the IP protection situation in Shanghai to various foreign institutions based in the city. And every year, SIPA takes the initiative to visit domestic and foreign associations, chambers of commerce, enterprises and other social organizations to strengthen information exchanges. (Source: Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration)
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